Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Half-yearly round-up - July-December 2015

The thing that sticks out about the last six months in terms of exploring is the amount of parties we've thrown. Pulled some sweet meets off, and it's really driven that sense of a community home I guess. Aside from that, I've been pretty slack on the exploring front, although I've managed to cobble together the below for a half-yearly report that I've done a few times before. There's a whole catas trip missing from this too as I haven't edited the photos yet. Need to get around to typing some of these up properly...

Visited with many, many people.

Next to Park Plaza, the night of a crazy thunderstorm, a wonky lens hood, and 'fucking Sneve'.

And a little bit of free climbing. 

The first of two entries. 

Two nights in a row down here. Here are some signs. 

Probably the best party of the summer.

We actually did some proper photos the first few times. 

A close second place for this party. Doffing my cap to Mr Maniac for his efforts here, and throughout the summer. 

First stop on a road trip.

Everyone gets this photo when down here, and mine wasn't even a good effort. 

Cold, dusty, and a good laugh. 


Hurr durr le euroderp. After an hour or so we ran in to men with guns. Left. Hard to believe that people have travelled from the UK just for this site though!

DJ Angelika on the decks. 

Walk past this every day, so nice to tick off. 

Another stop on a roadtrip.

Watford Watford Watford Watford.

Back here again. 

Worth taking wellies for. 

'Hello Bwian...'

Cheers for reading.


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