Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Carlton Hayes Asylum Chapel, Leicester - August 2015

Some time in August a car full of a half-hungover explorers pulled up at this little chapel just outside Leicester having just spent the night - well, a couple of hours when the sun came up - sleeping in some old cement works. We were on the way to a meet and needed a few bits in and around Leicester to keep us occupied. So here's one from the derp folder. There weren't too many photos to take of this place, although it's probably closer to the truth to say that I didn't take many photos of this place. What photos I did get aren't anything special.

Visited with Maniac, The Raw, Elliott and Angelika.

History taken from Dweeb's report on 28:

This hospital was built in 1904 as the County Lunatic Asylum to the designs of S.P. Pick, an accomplished and prolific Leicester architect working in a vaguely Art Nouveau manner. Though the buildings were very well built and in excellent condition, they were demolished in 1995 to make way for a car park for a new Alliance and Leicester Building Society headquarters.

As Maniac has just pointed out to me after posting, the highlight of this explore was The Raw following him in through the access, getting stuck, and crying 'Maaaaaaaaaaaaaniaaaaaaaac, heeeeeeeeeeelp, I'm stuuuuuuuck!'.  He made it through, and then Maniac had some similar issues on the way out. Amateurs!

There were a few drawing and painting things lying around in the side alcoves, or nooks and crannies. 

Didn't get the one below right at all.

Yet again forgot to get an external. 

Cheers for reading. 


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