Sunday, 21 June 2015

Billingsgate Roof, London - June 2015

After our plans quite literally fell through one evening, Angelica and I were walking to another location when we happened upon this building covered in scaff. It looked as if it was worth a look, so after a quick run around the ground floor, we decided to head up, despite the sawing noise that was coming from above. I'm not 100 per cent, but I think this is London River House, where the Port Authority of London are based now. The old Port Authority building is viewable here and here.

We decided to take the quieter outside stairs given the workers' presence in a middle floor (seriously, who is still labouring at 9pm on a Friday?!), but when they stopped we were able to transfer to a lower bit of roof and chill there for a while, before heading to the very flimsy-feeling top of the roof, as shown above with the pebbles.

The views weren't anything too special, but gave me a chance to play with my new toy as I've finally bought a wide angle, woop. Going through my photos now I realise that we should have been taking advantage of the sunset over the city. Oh well. The building itself is probably about five stories too short for what would have been good views of the Tower of London and the river, but is obstructed. 

The old Port Authority building (10 Trinity Square) is visible, as is the Tower of London.

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