Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Paris catacombs - February 2015

Our Parisian friend Laurel was celebrating her birthday in February, so what better excuse to load three cars full of English people to join the festivities? After a pretty choppy 2.30am crossing with the Big Jobs limo we eventually landed in Paris and after a casual lifting of the right lid made our way in. 

This weekend was all about the party, so these photos reflect that - in terms of the amount of people in them, and the quality. There will be a part two for the second quarry we went to at some point. 

The Ram Room

After trying to head West off of the map of GSN and failing after I breached, we took a d-tour via a little network that had been dug out a lot since the last survey. Found some pretty cool rooms, not that my compact could do them much justice in the light. 

This room below was sweet, stooping through thick, gloopy mud, to find a room being dug out covered in very fine silt. A nice find. 

There was a well around the corner, so I tried a few photos there.

After making our way to the meeting point we met OT's carload, then slowly French people joined us, choppered in supplies from the ladderless manhole above, then headed off to the party room for the main event. 

Our hosts did us proud here - burritos for everyone!

 As you can see the case of John Smiths I smuggled over was well worth it for quality of photos. No idea when, but the party was pretty much smoked out a bit later on. Lots of people, alcohol and food. Just what you want rather than sleeping in a dank quarry. 


Le Sophie et Mark

Apparently we got smoke-bombed in Oyster, and I snored through it. Twice. 

The afternoon after. Every trip to Paris should involve jumping out of a manhole covered in filth, not seeing the Eiffel Tower and a metro ride to Macdonalds. 

But preferably not flagging down a French motorist to jumpstart the car...

Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone down there (too many names to mention really).

Sir JonnyPenishead

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