Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lexicon crane, London - 2014

A brief remark before I get started - I was burgled a number of weeks ago, and as a result lost all of my photos between March 2014 and January 2015, which was more annoying than the actual laptop going. There was a large amount of exploring photos in the pile, so content for possible blogs is a little small on the ground. This afternoon I've found the SD card I was using for some of that period though, so here's a short blog....

Credit to Gabe for the first photo.

One windy evening in 2014 Gabe and myself went for a stroll along the playground formerly known as City Road, and decided to have a pop at Lexicon. After some initial confusion (read: wrong building) and a spot of free climbing, we ended up at the top of the crane. My pictures of here are pretty dreadful due to the wind not agreeing with my tripod. However, we had a few beers and enjoyed the view, before making our way down. 

On the way down some flashing blues turned up, and then a whirlybird, which we were just in time to take shelter from. Thanks to MPS tweeting about us we knew exactly what was going on, and after some time waiting, they went away. So yeah, this was the night we beat a helicopter. Or they lost patience in waiting. 

Some information:

Lexicon, a joint-venture between Mount Anvil and Affinity Sutton, adds to Central London’s dynamic skyline. At 36-storeys high it stands as Islington's tallest building. The City Basin waterside apartments, moments from Angel tube and Silicon Roundabout, feature unrivalled views, spa, lounge and 24hr concierge.

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