Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fireworks night social - London, November 2014

The haters are multiplying. Time to get the boys together. See some fireworks. They will make me feel better. We met after work, and made our way to our location. Slip inside. Spot builders and take evasive action. Glass is see-through. Bail. Plan B. Did not see fireworks. 

So yeah, the first location didn't work out, so we ran over the river for the back up plan. The main fireworks were over by then, but this was never really about them. This was a bunch of friends having an extensive laugh on a school night.

Cheers to Gabe, adders, Monkey, Extreme Ironing and The Raw. 

Some of these may be repetitive, sorry. They're not exactly stunners either, I wasn't really paying much attention to the camera. Not exactly the most inspiring roof, but a nice place at least. 

Couldn't see the poppies from here. 

We spent a while on the roof before taking our leave in search of another site. We had a cheeky boat ride, and then ascended our next location. The battery on my DSLR gave up at this point, so I switched to the XF1. Yet again I got my kit off, but other people the photos. It was fresh up there. 

I may have been recorded from this balcony singing along to a certain Spice Girls song. See adders for video. Overall an ace night, well worth the hangover the next day. 


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