Thursday, 4 September 2014

Some London bits and bobs - 2013-14

I suppose it's about time I updated this thing, having elsewhere recently been branded a 'wannabe' for not sticking some sites online (not entirely sure which ones). These are various views of London I've taken since I moved up here with my career, most of which are now sealed or the crane has gone etc...  Taken on a range of cameras, in array of inebriations, in a whole host of venues. 

Yes I have been lazy and not done enough, but say lah vee. Some have been done, some have been failed, some are not here, some are yet to come. 

Explored with many people who I love - some of the London chaps, various Kentish participants, 28ers, and some of my oldest friends - props to you all. 

In no apparent order: