Sunday, 13 April 2014

Paris Catacombes - March 2014

Paris. The Catacombs. 3 nights. Simply awesome.

This trip was organised on 28 by Big Jobs, so a huge shout out to him for getting everyone organised, getting the maps sorted, getting the wadorz for people, and having the impetus to actually organise a trip. 

Explored with Big Jobs, Hils, Maniac, Frosty, Gaj, Katie, Andy J, Elliott, The Franconian, and 2wid. 

This video contains the most important stuff. Edited down well over an hour's worth of footage for this. 


The trip already looked in danger when a week before Maniac's car failed it's MOT, so he had to get a sweet-as van instead, and then he'd booked the ferry out for the wrong day! Fortunately he realised with a day to spare, and on Thursday evening he picked me up, we went and got Frosty, then made our way to Dover after some shopping. We met up with Jobs' car at the port, and soon we were on the boat listening to Jobs' Spiderman stories about how he climbed a chimney somewhere. Or something. Once we arrived in the land of the flag-waving frog-eaters (joke) at 4.30am or something stupid we found a layby and got a few hours kip in the rain ahead of the drive.

We made the rest of the drive down to Paris which was complicated by the fact that Maniac's pimpwagon was over the height of the normal car park, so minor faff was involved. Once we were parked up it was time to change into the waders, and the decision to borrow chesties seemed regrettable once I had everything on my back. We congregated at a kebab shop, picking up Ret, gaj and Katie in the process. Once we had eaten (the chicken-paprika sandwich was lovely) we picked up all of our stuff and waded off. 

This may or may not have had something to do with our way in. In England a disused tunnel and station like this would have had urblox adventurers all over it ramming photos down your throat on facebook. Here it was just part of the background as we waited for the group to recongregate out of view. 

Soon enough we were inside, and map reading duties were first passed me. I aptly navigated us to our first stopping point - La Plage.

From here we moved to our meeting point for the cata clean, which just so happened to be at the other end of the system. In retrospect walking the furthest distance we had to do at a quick pace when we had all of our food and water still may have been a tad optimistic, and once we had reached the ossuaries we had to reassess and split weight. 

It was at this point that we picked up a random French teenager who friends had abandoned him. None of us spoke French to a 12 year old's standard (we only picked up the friend thing once we met some other French people), and with just trainers he ended up quite wet by the time we handed him over to someone heading for the surface. 

We reached the party room and kicked back to relax, and have a chinwag with some of the Cataphiles. 

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