Monday, 6 January 2014

Detached Bastion revisit - January 2014

I first visited Detached Bastion at Dover's Western Heights back in October. On Saturday Giacomo and I were to head off on adventures with Maniac, but he had to cancel, so we resolved to have a nose around in Dover instead. Off the back of some of what the papers have dubbed the worst weather ever etc it might have been a tad daft, but actually it was fine - just a bit slippery in places on the walk up to Western Heights and through the dry moat. 

These photos have not been post-processed, apart from changing the odd white balance, so they're pretty much straight off of the camera. 

My camera for some reason was behaving really well, I don't know why. It was acting really well in the low light compared to usual, so several of the photos have an alternative lit image.

Added to my signature from before.

Giacomo was down the end shooting the alternative view.

28 Gays Later. Original. 

Playing around with the stupidly long corridor. No five minute exposures this time. 

Last time we didn't make it up to the roof, so it was nice to have a mooch around up there with Dover Castle in the distance.

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