Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day of the Dover pt. 1 - Z Rocket and South Foreland 1 Deep Shelter - October 2013

Here we have it then, my long-awaited return to my own blog! After not blogging for some time (see here for explanation) today provided me with the chance to get back down to Dover and do some good ol' fashioned non-non-public deep shelters. After Altair had said at the last 28 meet about wanting to get down to Dover for some sites I offered to show him around if we could agree on a date. Two months later, and we finally did! 

Visited with Altair and a non-member. 

My day started as many of my original explores did last year - tired, and slightly hungover. The others had driven from Norfolk though, so my alarm of 8am was a relative lie in. Soon enough we were passing through Dover on the way to our first target of the day - St Margaret's Deep Shelter - Z Rocket. I've been here before and knew it would be an easy way to get the day started and into the swing of things. 

Entrance was nice and easy, and we got to work. 

I couldn't remember what photos I took last time, so tried to get some different ones. Not entirely sure that I succeeded, although I've finally learnt to use the bulb setting, which can allow me to be a lot more creative with lighting. 

Soon enough we were done, and on our way down the road (via getting me some lunch). After a brief spot of confusion with being unable to spot a landmark, we spotted our guiding point, and were on top of the shelter straight away (thank you to Maniac there). 

I was surprised myself that this shelter was quite small, and a bit samey, so I concentrated on playing around with bulb again, and really trying to light some shots better than just waving a torch around. 

Still needs work though. We were out of here after a while, and on our way to our next target.

Thanks for reading.


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