Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Orchard Cottage, Ashford - June 2013

Situated just on the outskirts of an idyllic Kent village, this old farm appears to have lain abandoned for around five or six years perhaps. It's a crime really, it's a lovely building, has lovely grounds, and a gigantic guard-peacock on patrol.

So on a dull Sunday morning I received a text about this place, and almost as soon as I had finished work that night we were on our way out to check it out. After initially going to the wrong remote home that was occupied, we soon found our way to the correct one. After dumping the car in the way of some horses we turned into the driveway to be confronted by a huge peacock, which promptly ran off and began a game of cat and mouse that I would continue later. 

Spotted by, and visited with, Starlight. 

Once we got up to the building I could hear a low hiss, which I initially thought might have been bacon frying, then perhaps a wasps' nest, but was in the end revealed to be a water leak below a running tap. Amazingly this place still has running water. 

The only history that I have been able to find on this place is as follows:

Probably a C17 (17th century) timber-framed building refaced in C19 (19th Century). L-shaped, Two storeys.
Ground floor red brick, first floor tile-hung. Hipped tiled roof with C17 chimney stack. Four Dering windows.

A rare opportunity. First time on the market for many years.
Detached Grade II listed house with oak beamed interior.
About 2.58 acres of gardens and paddock.
Drawing room, sitting room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room.
Cloakroom, 3 large bedrooms, bathroom, separate w.c.

Tragically, the house was in a very run down condition, and judging by the amount of toys and other objects left behind, appears to have just been abandoned by its former owners. Judging by the above Playstation 2 game (Platinum Edition release date 26/01/2007) the house could only have been left in the last five or six years.

It was reasonably trashed, however. It became clear to me that other people know about this place, and use the grounds for parties. Around the orchard to the rear of the house are multiple bonfire remains, disposable barbecues, smouldered beer cans, and some a few ruined PA speakers. If you're ever looking for an outdoor rave in Ashford, I guess this is the place to go. 

I never knew that Stuart Pearce was a Sunday Times bestseller...

Despite the sad state of the house, the above photo reminds me of why I do this.

I headed out in to the grounds to see if there was anything interesting knocking about, and encountered the guard-peacock again at the orchard! I tried following it to get a photo, but it disappeared. I turned around and it was behind me! Excuse the blur, but this was the best photo that I could get quickly. The blasted thing didn't want to pose!

After a couple of externals and a nose in the garage, complete with a table football table, that was about it for this small site.

We haven't seen this one come up before, but given the state it's in it's understandable really. If it had been any better it might have been code-named 'Peacock Cottage', although I don't really agree with code-naming. This is the first time that I've done an old country home sort-of-affair, and it's sad really, knowing that for around 400 years people lived in it, and, despite the fact that it would make a lovely family home, it's just been left to waste away. 

As ever, thanks for reading. 


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