Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Orchard Cottage, Ashford - June 2013

Situated just on the outskirts of an idyllic Kent village, this old farm appears to have lain abandoned for around five or six years perhaps. It's a crime really, it's a lovely building, has lovely grounds, and a gigantic guard-peacock on patrol.

So on a dull Sunday morning I received a text about this place, and almost as soon as I had finished work that night we were on our way out to check it out. After initially going to the wrong remote home that was occupied, we soon found our way to the correct one. After dumping the car in the way of some horses we turned into the driveway to be confronted by a huge peacock, which promptly ran off and began a game of cat and mouse that I would continue later. 

Spotted by, and visited with, Starlight.