Monday, 20 May 2013

Ditton Research Laboratory, Ditton - May 2013

If there's one thing that I love doing it's having a 12 hour poker and drinking session until 7am, getting 3 hours sleep, then heading out to explore places that reek of pigeon poop. So that's where I found myself this afternoon. I was so lethargic that I couldn't even be bothered to change lenses, so everything is taken with my 35mm prime.

 Explored with Starlight. 

Before I get on to the photos, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who reads this. The blog was a year old in the week, and has had almost 6,800 views, most of which since January. Cheers guys. 

Some history borrowed from Starlight's report:

The Ditton Laboratory, a short distance from the East Malling Research Station, was opened in 1930 by the Empire Marketing Board as a part of Cambridge University's Low Temperature Research Station. The purpose of the laboratory was to carry out experiments on the shipping of fruit across the high seas, in order to extend its life over long, seaborne journeys. This led to an experiment being carried out to simulate, as far as was possible, conditions on board a cargo ship, the so-called "ship on land" experiment. One focus of research was the Cox's Orange Pippin Apple, which had the reputation of being a difficult fruit to transport over long distances. In 1969 the laboratory was incorporated into the East Malling Research Station as the fruit storage section. Today the building is boarded up and appears to be deserted, although a fish farm and fruit distribution business continue at its rear.

Fortunately access wasn't particularly difficult, so my feeling like death was only compounded by the blazing sun outside.

There wasn't too much left really. The locals have obviously been doing a number on this for some time, and fans of peely paint may want to take extra tissues. 

One of the rooms on the upper level had what looked like an old essay. The page above is from a bibliography, although all of the books listed were French.

Funky phone box thing at the front doors. 

This room had some buff ting pieces of machinery, this is the only photo that really came out though.

When I'd got around the building I made my way out and had a look at the other buildings on site. A few of the outbuildings were open , but contained little of interest. 

After making my way back to the front of the complex and lied down underneath a tree for five minutes or so. It was the highlight of my day. 

That was Ditton then, turned out to be quite a nice Sunday stroll, even if my body was being severely punished for Saturday evening's over-indulgence.


Thanks for reading. 

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