Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ashford Art and Design College, Ashford - April 2013

Quite frankly this place is a dump. Not one bit of it hasn't been trashed, gratified, or covered in Pigeon poop. My time would have been much better spent in the Papa Johns over the road. I visited this on the same night that I visited the bomb shelter in the grounds, which was a far more pleasant experience, and can be read about here. As stated in that blog I'd missed a really obvious entrance to both building and shelter, with this building requiring a more athletic transfer to gain access as opposed to the shelter's squeeze.

After making sure that everything was above board I had a look around, and was immediately concerned by the apparent diarrhoea that two pigeons on the upper corridor appeared to have. Nice.  

After doing the lower and middle level I got a tad jittery over something, so decided to leave in search of the bomb shelter, and leave the upper levels for another time. The lower basement was flooded too.

'Another time' was two weeks later and as I made my way in this time was almost caught by someone. My tactical espionage action training took over, and soon enough was back inside. After inspecting the upper levels I wish that I hadn't bothered. More pigeon poop with more smashed up stuff. Didn't even bother getting my camera out of the bag that time. 

Thanks for reading, even if it wasn't my longest of blogs or the most interesting of places. The piano still worked, but that was about it. 


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