Sunday, 28 April 2013

Article in Kentish Express - April 2013

About six weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist from the Kentish Express who had found my blog reports on Ashdown Court (here and here) whilst looking for photos for a story. A homeless man had been living inside it, and he wished to use my photos to show what conditions were like inside. There was some confusion with my email, so they didn't run the photos with that story. However, they ended up running an article on my explores there instead. Here's the article, which George's dad scanned for George to see, and who has forwarded it to me. The quality isn't too great, but you get the jist. 

Thank you to those two, James Scott, and the Kentish Express for giving me some exposure and the ability to now say that I'm a published photographer. 


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  1. I love the photograph of the light shining through the window. Beautiful.