Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Amsterdam Trip - April 2013

At the start of April we went to Amsterdam for an eels gig. These photos show some of the results.


The airport had amazing music. Then we left for our hotel.

We then met Micky off of the eels forum. He's a jolly nice chap.

Not sure which of these two I prefer. 

A brief part of the Red Light District. 

The first of many Willy photos. More (and an explanation) available here.

The Paridiso, the venue for the eels gig.

Micky then took us on a canal boat tour.

I think this was an opera house, or music venue of sorts. 

This was the science museum.

The hilarious arguing couple on the audio said that this is the only part of Amsterdam where seven bridges line up.

The only photo of all of us who met up before the gig.

Late night whisky session.

Main station.

Ross' dragon

The last photo of the trip. A good trip it was.

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