Monday, 11 March 2013

Various London Adventures - February/March 2013

Things have been a bit quiet on the exploring front recently - my apologies. Each of the last three weekends I've been in London catching up with various people and all sorts of silly things in silly places. I took my camera with me each time through, and have got some photos that I thought I'd stick here. Tried to keep people shots out as much as possible. 

The first excuse to go to London was to see Tiny Tim's Alphabet Band in Streatham. I was meeting a friend to go with, and had an hour or so to kill, so set out to get this sort of shot of Trafalgar Column. It was freezing, but some came out quite nicely.

I liked the above the most. 

Had a wonky tripod for a while and didn't realise. Also stuck to the 35m lens for each photo in each trip.

The following weekend I was in London on the Friday again, this time meeting a couple of mates then my old university housemates. These were mainly people shots, although I had a few hours to kill on the Sunday evening, so got some of St. Paul's. 

Excuse the focus on a lot of these.

Joe had the camera for a while... Technically these aren't my photos at the moment I suppose. 

As part of my time-killing on Sunday, after a fail at a London site, I went to the Natural History Museum to have a look around. Didn't take many pictures at all though. 

Next up was St. Paul's on the way to chill out in Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese for a while. The first batch are from on the way there, the second are from the way back as it was shut.

The third and final London trip happened yesterday, with a ridiculously early (7am on a Saturday is very early for me) start for the Kent Network Monopoly Run.

I didn't really take too many photos, which was annoying as the bastard camera and tripod combo can get pretty heavy after you've done a lot of walking around in a rush and getting flustered all day. 


I think Jock summed up everyone's thoughts. 

So that was London. Some of it.

Thanks for reading. 


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