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Promis Rehab Centre, Nonington, Kent - February 2013

Continuing my flurry of explores since Christmas on into February I met up with Starlight 2099 to have a look into a site that she suggested recently that we hadn't seen covered before. Unlike the last time we met, on Saturday I wasn't late, it didn't forget my tripod, and it wasn't in the cold snow. After a bit of a cross country short cut we arrived at our destination, having a quick look from the car on the way past initially, and then swiftly moved inside.

First couple were taken with my 35mm lens. 

Some history courtesy of a youtube video:
 In 1986, together with his wife Margaret, Dr Lefever established The PROMIS Recovery Centre in Nonington, Kent. PROMIS has treated over 5,000 patients, it offers extensive experience in treating many addictive and associated problems relating to; alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, stress and depression. PROMIS provides residential primary treatment, secondary care, detox, counselling and aftercare as well as a dedicated young persons and family programme. 


Mrs. Hammond and her daughters finally sold the estate by auction in 1938. and St. Alban’s Court house, along with some parkland, and Old Court House were bought by Miss Gladys Wright on behalf of the English Gymnastics Society. During the Second World War part of the new house was used as offices for Eastry Rural District Council.

In 1951 Kent County Council took over and founded Nonington College of Physical Education to train P.E. teachers. After some 35 years as one of the top teacher training colleges N.C.P.E  was closed by K.C.C. in 1985 due to financial cut-backs.

Old Court House had been an annexe of the college and in 1986 it became the Promis Recovery Centre, a once renowned private rehabilitation clinic, which went into liquidation in 2008. Old Court House was then left empty and was subsequently badly damaged by fire in  late August, 2009.

The above photo shows two things; the outdoor recreational areas, and the on site caravan/security people. They had a great big dog, which fortunately was caged up. 

The lift was pretty shafted. Get it? 

The building is in two halves - the burnt down 'Old Court House' side, and the newer half. The majority of these photos are from the latter, which seemed to be in a state of renovation. The lights were on, some floor boards were up, and pretty much everything was stripped. 

As you can see, the older half isn't in great nick.

The only reminder of the centre's past.

This corridor and reception area were inbetween the two halves.

This bit was above the reception area. I didn't get any photos of the burnt out half apart from the exterior. Did venture in to see if a piano still worked (a few notes did) but the building was a burnt shell with a very sketchy ceiling. 

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  1. It's a very sad sight. I worked there in the early 2000s and it was a centre of excellence in the field of addiction. The owner, Dr Robert Lefever dedicated himself to getting people well in a safe and respectful environment and literally thousands of addicts owe their lives to PROMIS. PROMIS is still operating in Kent under the guidance of Dr Robert's son, Robin.
    When I left in 2004 I managed to secure one of the senior staff to assist me in running an independent patient referral agency, ADMIT Services and was later joined by the PROMIS senior counsellor; so we have huge affinity with The Old Court House. It should never have been allowed to deteriorate to this burnt out shell. I understand it has been purchased and will be restored - I do hope so.