Sunday, 17 February 2013

Folkestone Harbour Train Station - February 2013

 Welcome back everyone for another instalment, although the only blog that I can produce for you after yesterday's adventures is unfortunately a revisit. I originally visited Folkestone Harbour Station back in May with Giacomo on one of my very first outings, as you can see here. As you can also see there, I didn't really have much of an idea how to use my camera, as it was still new to me. Nine months down the line, and I like to think that my photography skills have come along leaps and bounds. At least I didn't shoot entirely in ISO 800 this time...

History can be found on my original blog. Starlight and I ended up at the station after being collared by police at one of the other well-known sites in Folkestone after locals had reported us as lead thieves. We nipped up to RAF Hawkinge to have a look at something that I knew about, but in the end it was just a small underground fuel store, and quite disappointing. 

As it was my second visit, I decided to do it a bit differently, and this time limited myself to using my 35mm lens, so apologies if I went a bit over the top on the F1.8 photos. Tried to get the above photo right several times, and actually cheated and cropped it afterwards in the end. 

The site was in pretty much the same condition I think.

Apparently the above is a 'pot' according to Little John, which would have held rails.

The weird statue thing again. A creepy reminder of what happens when Folkestone tries to trick itself into believing it is cultured. 

The large scales is one of the only original artefacts left over on the platform.

Young at heart.

That was pretty much it for this visit. I went to climb something and got tar-stuff all over my hands and coat which was really bloody annoying, and then we were done. Scouted a couple of other places then tried out a new pub. It were grand.

Thanks for reading.

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