Sunday, 17 February 2013

Folkestone Harbour Train Station - February 2013

 Welcome back everyone for another instalment, although the only blog that I can produce for you after yesterday's adventures is unfortunately a revisit. I originally visited Folkestone Harbour Station back in May with Giacomo on one of my very first outings, as you can see here. As you can also see there, I didn't really have much of an idea how to use my camera, as it was still new to me. Nine months down the line, and I like to think that my photography skills have come along leaps and bounds. At least I didn't shoot entirely in ISO 800 this time...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snowdown Colliery Admin Building, Snowdon, Kent - February 2013

After checking back out of rehab and nipping via a shop for a bite to eat, we made our way down to Snowdown, and parked up at the old Working Men's Club, itself a bit of a derp. With minimal fuss (well... I did get my coat caught for a while and needed some help...) we were into the colliery site, but soon found that the powers that be, at some point or another, had been around and done a good job of bricking up the remaining buildings, of which there were many. Never one to take that many external photos, I didn't get photos of them, but they were all pretty big. We were able to climb up one to check out whether it was worth going in, but it was pretty overgrown on the inside, and didn't look too appealing. The Admin Building was open, however, so we made our way in. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Promis Rehab Centre, Nonington, Kent - February 2013

Continuing my flurry of explores since Christmas on into February I met up with Starlight 2099 to have a look into a site that she suggested recently that we hadn't seen covered before. Unlike the last time we met, on Saturday I wasn't late, it didn't forget my tripod, and it wasn't in the cold snow. After a bit of a cross country short cut we arrived at our destination, having a quick look from the car on the way past initially, and then swiftly moved inside.