Monday, 21 January 2013

Fort Burgoyne Snow-Time Edition - January 2013

Welcome to the next part of this weekend's adventures (chronologically last, mind) at a snow covered Fort Burgoyne. After doing Z Rocket and Oil Mills (more on that to come next time), Starlight and I headed over to the Fort for a nice walk around the grounds. I've been here twice already, the first time with Giacomo, where we missed a whole lot of the outer parts of the Fort, and the second with a few others when I almost walked into Mr Security, so had to bail early on. Fortunately I got the job done this time.

The history of the Fort is in my first report, so head there to check it out. 

As I didn't have my tripod and Silverrainbow had left, taking his that I was borrowing with him, most of these shots are handheld, and as a result I didn't take too many.

Really like this one though with the castle in the background. 

I saw the security car at the main gate before we parked up,but as the perfectly untouched snow suggested, they hadn't bothered doing the rounds at all. 

Part of the moat.

After completing a walk on top and then around the perimeter, we worked our way back along the casemates, although with no tripod I was a bit limited as to what photos I took. Only got two I liked, and then we were back off out, leaving some more obvious footprints than usual. 

Thanks for reading. 

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