Thursday, 31 January 2013

Archcliffe Galleries Revisit - January 2013

Part of this evening's little Dover trip was a revisit, this time to the Archcliffe Galleries at Western Heights. I originally visited this site with Giacomo in June, but the tripod didn't work, the torch we had was naff, and all of  the photos were taken with flash. I had been meaning to get back here for a little while to get some decent pictures, but had been putting it off as it's a reasonably small place. 

Visited with a few new explorers.

History can be found in my original blog. 

The entrance was still muddy as anything, probably muddier actually.

Having a decent torch this time made a nice contrast, it was nice to see the complex in better light. The tunnels are very neat, although the amount of bilge on the floor of the main rooms is annoying. 

I tried playing around with something different with the lighting here. Tried spinning my torch around whilst spinning myself around on a six second exposure. Needed longer I think, although I was dizzy afterwards. 

This time I can safely say that my photos turned out a lot better.

Thanks for reading.

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