Monday, 24 September 2012

Ashdown Court, Ashford Part II - September 2012

For history and my initial photos from my solo visit last week, please read here.

Last night, after a few beers in the pub and a run down to Tesco in the pouring rain for some cans, I took Greg and Cushion in with me for their first explores. After my initial visit I was a bit concerned about going back solo, so it was good to take some back up. 

I took a lot more time with my shots this time, and had some help for the lighting too.

This toilet was the closest thing I got to a chair shot I'm afraid. 

Even though the place is pretty damn trashed, there were still bits and pieces reminding us of its residential past.

The lovely Ashford Ring Road.

'Hey J-Lo, we found a blood-stained wall!'

A few photos lying around of previous inhabitants. Next to a condom. Lovely.

Turns out we're shit at keeping still for 30 seconds.

Thought I'd got rid of the tilt on that photo, oops. Whilst I was shooting the boiler room the other two started making bilge-loads of noise in the main hall, much to my annoyance. 

A bit of graffiti that made us laugh. 

Jolly good fun last night, and was great to take out two n00bs who loved it as well. 

Cheers for reading.


  1. hi my names amy i use to live in this building and so did my partner he died from cancer few years ago and i would really like to walk through our places we met n was together for long time. would this please be possible before they knockit down o you know x

    1. It's certainly possible, just not in a legal way.

    2. Hi Amy. Not sure if you will receive or read this msg,u may not remember me,my name is Carl,used to hang around with Shane and Kev,whom u were talking about. Can't really help with your request as I'm a scaredy cat lol tho would b nice to hear from you,long time!!!!! Take care. :-)