Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ashdown Court, Ashford Part I - September 2012

I've been meaning to do this site for ages, but given its location, never found the right time. Until last night, cycling back from the station. 

I've been trying to gather information and history on the place, and this is the best that I can do:
Ashdown Court started life as council flats. Given its proximity to the town centre and being council flats it attracted a less than reputable clientèle. Drug dealing became rife in the alley way behind the flats, and someone was murdered in there. There were a few fires, and eventually enough was enough, and the flats evicted everyone several years ago, leaving them empty since.

Overcome by a desire to do it, I found a way in, and started carefully making my way around.

The lowest level was a huge car park, which didn't appear to be in too bad a condition. 

Once I made it up to the upper levels, however, it became clear that the place was trashed.

The main hall had many rooms coming off of it, all of which were like the above - ransacked, derelict, and with a few bits of graffiti.

I followed the corridor around, and found myself being silent as a few local types started arguing on Canterbury Road just a few metres away. I'm pretty sure that they'd just came out of Liquid, but fortunately they didn't hear the shutter on my camera go off.

The above room was on the second level, and I thought I heard someone, so turned the torch off and waited in silence for a while before I manned up and realised that I was imagining things. 

The last two shots that I took were of the second and third storey corridors. I was tired, and decided that I would be revisiting soon, so went for some corridor shots and bailed.

Unfortunately the place was more trashed than I thought it would be, but having been a little objective of mine for some time now, it was a great feeling as I cycled off to know that I'd done it. I will be returning soon for a full report, and giving the site a full inspection. 

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  1. Hi Jon,

    I'm running an article about Ashdown Court and would like to use a few of your photos if possible.

    I could provide you with a credit.

    My email is jscott@thekmgroup.co.uk