Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Swiss Cottage Pub, Ramsgate - August 2012

I've eventually got around to posting up the concluding part of my Ramsgate adventure last week. The venue for the last (successful) site that we had we had a mooch around was a pub that Stealth himself used to drink in before it shut down. Last known as Braces, formerly known as The Swiss Cottage, and before then known 'Kent's' I'm told. Not entirely sure when it shut down, not entirely sure when it opened, so as you may gather history is a bit sparse on this one, so on with the photos I guess.

Access was very easy, even easier on the way out. However, it was partly so easy because it turns out the pub has been very trashed by vandals, a common theme within Ramsgate it would seem.

The back of the pub had a back area that had more house-like remnants of the past.

Some nobs found a box of un-used till roll and had 'decorated'.

 The Chair Shot

  The main feature of the pub was this grand, sweeping staircase. 

Couldn't really be bothered to type much about this one as it was a bit of a waste. Surprisingly there were no needles or anything over the floor, but plenty of smashed glass to make up for that unfortunately. 

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