Monday, 20 August 2012

Fort Burgoyne Revisit - August 2012

Upon meeting up with Space Invader, Stealth, and SXriffraff, joined later by Silver Rainbow, I found out we'd be heading up to Fort Burgoyne. Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I have already visited this site, as detailed here. I didn't mind this at all, in fact there were several of my photos from my first visit that I wasn't particularly happy with, and a whole section of the site that I wasn't able to photograph effectively because we'd left the tripod in the car!

History can be found in my original report.

We used a different access method this time that pretty much entirely eliminated the threat of the drop of death into the moat. Entry to the Fort itself was still the same though, as was the route we took through it.

Recognise the tunnel above? Better lit this time, was going to shoot it differently on the way back, but the explore hit a bit of a snag...

We all sort of separated around this point, all taking different shots.

Upon taking this one, I realised that I hadn't heard the gang in ages, and assumed that they must be through the door, making their way along the parade ground already. 

So I walked out there, and was having a look down one of the exterior corridors when I heard talking. I headed for it, and walked around the blast wall almost directly into Mr Security. As I dived behind the blast wall that goes around the front of the Fort, I realised that he hadn't been looking in my direction, and the talking in fact him on his walkie-talkie. I heard him say something like 'there's only one of them, not any more', at which point I figured that someone had been busted and decided to bail. On my jog out, I bumped into everyone in the tunnel, who had clocked the guy much earlier, and had assumed that I'd been nicked. After telling them what I heard we decided to abandon the explore, and head elsewhere.

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