Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bybrook Infant School - July 2012

Yesterday evening I was accompanied by two former pupils to Bybrook Infant School, redundant since around 2008/2009 having been replaced by the Phoenix Community School just up the way. A previous scout had alerted me to the presence of anti-climb paint, so we took appropriate precautions this time. I'm told that the school itself opened in 1965.

Unfortunately, the school was almost completely trashed. Never seen so many pieces of glass. 

Barely any graffiti though, oddly enough. 

The South side of the main structure had a few electrical pieces of equipment of interest.

One of the giant pencils from outside (see picture two) had made its way indoors somehow...

The kitchen was pretty darn ransacked really. 

The North side had some nice corridors.


Anyone know Glen??

We'll be seeing that tower later. 

At this point we'd seen all of the main building, and made our way around the perimeter, looking for a ladder or other way up to the roof. After some careful manoeuvring we found a way up, and waited for some more darkness to descend before we got on the roof. After some more Solid Snake tekkers we waited below the water tower for some more darkness and the people in the houses backing on to the school to shut their curtains. 

After a little while I went for it, and as soon as I stood up on the water tower, someone came out into their garden. Nothing like lying down on a water tower for ten minutes. 

This was the only picture I took up there, but unfortunately it didn't come out at all due to rushing and not want to be seen up there. 

The water tower door itself was open, although there wasn't too much to see in there. 

We chilled up on top of the tower for a while before heading down and back out of the site. It was a relatively relaxed explore until we went for the roof. It was good to have George and Will with me, who were able to point out old rooms and relay a few anecdotes about self-defecation and sexual abuse. Lovely stuff. Would have been nice to have a few of the windows in-tact, even the school in Folkestone was in better shape than this.


  1. The school opened in 1965 and i went there from 1979 to 1983. It was a lovely school and should never have been closed. Very saddened to see it in such a state. Thanks so much for taking the time to take the pics. SS

    1. Thanks Steve, I'll add that to the page.

    2. Im not sure if you know me, but in one of the books i write about Ashford, there are some pics of it in there in 1965; interior and exterior. I have tried to get permission to go in there (not quite that daring) to photograph the place in every nook and crannie but apparently Priory Homes now own the site and finding it difficult to get permission. I would have liked to have got some sort of momemto such as a couple of the black clothes pegs from the corridor that you have pictured as that was my classroom in 1979 with the loos on the left. All the best Steve

  2. Wow these pictures have brought back memories. I would have attended the school in 1989 to 92 I think. I still have videos of our Xmas school plays I want to get them put onto dvd. Teachers names I remember are: Mr daisy, miss arnott, Mrs seal, Mrs Robin and Mrs prattle. Good memories there. I lived in rylands road. Whole place isn't the same anymore. Wayne