Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bybrook Infant School - July 2012

Yesterday evening I was accompanied by two former pupils to Bybrook Infant School, redundant since around 2008/2009 having been replaced by the Phoenix Community School just up the way. A previous scout had alerted me to the presence of anti-climb paint, so we took appropriate precautions this time. I'm told that the school itself opened in 1965.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Road of Remembrance Naval Bunker, Folkestone - July 2012

Gave this a quick look recently, very nice little bunker that I must have been past many, many times without realising it went underground or even spotted it.

Some history from subbrit: 
"This bunker is located at the side of Road of Remembrance in Folkestone, dug directly into the cliff face. As with many bunkers of this type, no documentary evidence can be traced of its origins or use. It is believed, however, to be a WW2 Naval communication facility. The tunnels are lined throughout in concrete, and there are many partitioned rooms, retaining original paintwork, doors and other features, including the remains of some wartime posters. Toilet facilities also exist, at street level behind the main entrance, the rest of the rooms being down a set of stairs. Above the entrance to the bunker is a ventilation plant room. The bunker does not appear to have been used since the war, and the main doors have remained sealed for a number of years."

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

St Mary's Convent/Westbrook House, Folkestone - Part 2 - July 2012

With a fully charged battery, and a spare this time, I made my return to St Mary's Westbrook School (see here for original visit). This time I took George in tow with me, and made a slightly less conspicuous entrance than before.

Monday, 2 July 2012

St Mary's Convent/Westbrook House, Folkestone - Part 1 - June 2012

St Mary's Convent and Westbrook House in Folkestone were a sort of teamed up Prep school, that ran from the 50s through until 2008, when the recession caused falling pupil numbers and the school had to be closed (read here). As with Archcliffe Galleries three weeks ago, I wasn't actually sure where I was exploring - I knew that I was on the correct site, but when I got in and started looking around, the place seemed more like a hotel, less like a school, and nothing like the photos that I had seen in other reports of the place.