Friday, 29 June 2012

Roosters Network Scavenger Hunt - June 2012

First post in a while, and it's not exploring related I'm afraid. This evening I took part in the tri-annual-ish Roosters Network Scavenger Hunt as organised by Bill - and I won! This time the challenge was to collect photos of ten themes, the team who won the most categories won. When I joined the hunt I had about 25 minutes, with the other two teams hard at work 'researching' elsewhere around Wye. So, on the way to the Co Op to get cash, I started off with 'Education'. Not bad considering it was taken from Bill's car doing about 20mph.

Parking up at the Co Op gave me the opportunity to grab some cash, some cookies, and 'People at Work', but unfortunately for me, neither of the photos taken on the sly of the Co Op staff really came out.

Just over the road, however, was 'Religious Iconography'.

My plan as we started driving away was to get a shot of the bus stop for 'Transportation', but I changed my mind for this rather cheeky photo for that catergory instead. Unfortunately I did not have my zoom lens on.

Once at the top of the Kneading Trough, the finishing line, I had fifteen minutes to gather the rest of my photos. This photo was the best that I could think of for 'The World Around Us'.

Then I ran up the road to the cow field next door, switched lens, and, after attracting some attention, got this photo for 'Animals in Action',

On the way back down I took this photo for another category, but ended up using it for 'Miscellaneous', and looking back it's probably my favourite of the whole bunch.

This photo was originally for 'Years Gone By', but I ended up not using it.

After commenting that I wouldn't be able to get a photo for the 'Night Sky' category, someone helpfully pointed out the moon. 

With only a few photos needed at this point I snapped this shot for the Miscellaneous category, but didn't use it. 

My photo for the 'Summer in Bloom' category didn't come out thanks to the wind, but I took this one to replace the mini itself for 'Years Gone By'.

After a quick journey to the pub Bill went through the entries, and I was judged to have won!

My photos for 'People at Work' and 'Summer in Bloom' aren't up as they didn't come out, but I won five of the categories (Education, Transportation, Animals in Action, Years Gone By, and Miscellaneous, I think). Nice little challenge there, but no actual prize!

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