Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's a London Adventure pt.1 - June 2012

With a few beers, my tweed jacket and my camera stuff all in my bag, I raced from work on Thursday evening to the station, filled with excitement and anticipation of the spectacle that was to follow. The first showing of Prometheus at the Imax London.

Matt was clearly overwhelmed with excitement as well.

Anyway, we left the film disappointed on the whole and slightly annoyed. Now was just an issue of waiting four hours for the first train home from Victoria, and seeing how Victoria is nice and close to a certain somewhere, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do.

The first task was to find our way to the river, and having done this, in front of St Thomas' Hospital I got a few shots from the South Bank. Didn't really get a shot of the Houses of Parliament that I was happy with in the end.

There's a joke that the best place to see London from is the South Bank... because you can't see the South Bank.

Anyway, we headed Westward down the river, trying to stick to it as closely as possible. This proved a tad hard at times, and we ended up blocked in the courtyard of some flats somehow at one point.

We found this disgracefully bad float for Sunday outside the QVC channel's building.

 Anyway, I'd walked the guys down the river so that I could have a scout around the perimeter of Battersea Power Station and check out the security. Whilst there was no obvious easy way in, my initial plan from googlemaps looked very viable.

These shots were taken after doing the 'tour' around from Chelsea bridge. Ended up climbing on the metal part of the bridge with my tripod, didn't seem to bother the cop van that drove past though.

Quite pleased with this shot. It's a fake pano, but I like it. Clouds not as dramatic as the infamous 1977 shoot.

This one was George's idea, to shoot through the hole in the railings. Bit of a pain sorting out this shot for a long exposure. In the end I quite like having the railing in the foreground. This was my favourite shot of the night because it captured the reflection of the building in the Thames.

We then made our way to Victoria and waited there for two hours. We laughed at a guy tripping his nut off in a photo booth, and at 'punched lasagne', before completing our London Adventure on the 0607 to Ashford International.

I'm heading off to again London later, so there will probably be another London Adventure making its way up here at some point soon.

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