Friday, 29 June 2012

Roosters Network Scavenger Hunt - June 2012

First post in a while, and it's not exploring related I'm afraid. This evening I took part in the tri-annual-ish Roosters Network Scavenger Hunt as organised by Bill - and I won! This time the challenge was to collect photos of ten themes, the team who won the most categories won. When I joined the hunt I had about 25 minutes, with the other two teams hard at work 'researching' elsewhere around Wye. So, on the way to the Co Op to get cash, I started off with 'Education'. Not bad considering it was taken from Bill's car doing about 20mph.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fort Burgoyne, Dover - June 2012

So after hitting up the Archcliffe Galleries (although not knowing that at the time), being denied at St Martin's, and going for a walk for a while in a dead end, Giacomo and I were going to call it quits for the day (he had some excuse about a revision for an exam or something?). Then I suggested that as we were in the area we may as well check out the security for another site, and literally within about 15-20 minutes we were inside the perimeter fence of Fort Burgoyne, looking down the 'Drop of Death'! We were initially supposed to check out whether or not the military still had a presence in the Connaught Barracks in front of the fort, but we found a way in so quickly we sort of forgot to check how live the site was first.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Archcliffe Galleries, Western Heights, Dover, June 2012

After four weeks since our last visit (see here), Giacomo and I finally made our way back down to Western Heights at Dover. St Martin's Deep Shelter was our priority having been shown the bent down gate last time. I uttered something along the lines of 'wouldn't it be funny if it's been sealed in the last four weeks' as we made our way over. Guess what was sealed up? 

Not to be deterred, we made our way to our other location just over the road, which we actually knew very little about. My subsequent research has informed me that it was in fact the Archcliffe Galleries, making up part of what used to be the Archcliffe Gate.

The gate in 1959

Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's a London Adventure pt.1 - June 2012

With a few beers, my tweed jacket and my camera stuff all in my bag, I raced from work on Thursday evening to the station, filled with excitement and anticipation of the spectacle that was to follow. The first showing of Prometheus at the Imax London.

Matt was clearly overwhelmed with excitement as well.