Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Some (not so good) night photos

On the way back from the pub this evening, I saw that it was a particularly clear night, and decided that it may well be a good chance to nip out for a while and practice some night photography. Forty minutes later and I was slightly regretting it, as my issues with shooting in manual continue, as well as it froze my bloody fingers off in May! When my camera says it's too dark, it wont let me shoot in manual for some reason, no matter how long I set the exposure. 

Here's what I salvaged, anyway. I've had to straighten some up due to not having a torch to adjust the tripod properly. I also realised I forgot to take off the UV filter, so there's lens flare, and my remote didn't want to work too. Better luck next time, eh.

Aperture too low...

And again...

Too much lens flare.

Probably my favourite shot of the night, as it came out the best.

Tried to get some of my house, but again lens flare. 

Damn UV filters!

So, lessons learned:
-Remember to take off UV filters!
-Even though it may be pitch black, check the focus more
-Master manual mode
-Even if it is mid-May, you can still freeze your fingers off.

Until next time...


  1. What Camera were you using???

    1. Nikon D3000, looking to upgrade in a few months though.