Monday, 14 May 2012

Old Market Cattle Shed, Ashford, April 2012

Towards the end of April, Giacomo and I headed out on our first proper explore. I was armed with my new camera, to be used for the first time, although I needed to be shown a lot in order to use it.

We were unsuccessful in our primary target site for the day, but on the way to another I spotted this building:

Given its location, I figured that it must be a cattle shed from the old Ashford market, before it moved out of town. We parked up and made our way back, and after the police car had driven by, made our way in through some very easy access. Unfortunately inside there wasn't much to see. I had my first photography lesson from Giacomo, and these shots are how it turned out:

The only items left in there, apart from the empty beer cans and hanging light fixtures, were this furnace looking thing and a standard chair. 

This was my aperture lesson. Next lesson is 'How to hold the camera steady'.

And that was about it. There a tiny little house-like building in the corner of the land which was full of crap and trashed, but I didn't take any photos.

Bit of a boring site, really, but as David himself says (eventually): 


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