Monday, 14 May 2012

Now for something completely different...!

So after another failed attempt at kick starting my blog half a year ago, I think I've got a good one now. Six weeks ago I discovered the world of Urban Exploring. It fascinated me; the history and intrigue of these places, coupled with such beautiful photos. So like normal when something like that interests me, I did a lot of reading. Then, not like normal, I bought a decent camera, partnered up with everybody's favourite beard/I Talian combination Giacomo, and went and started doing some. So that's what this blog is now going to become; a document on the places that I visit. Assuming that I keep it up, some other thoughts may well crop up too. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to distance myself from my previous apology to Johnny Depp. Go watch the laughable trailer for Dark Shadows to see why. 

Anywhoo, here's a shot to get us started:

Giacomo pondering access to the North Entrance.

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