Monday, 14 May 2012

Folkestone Harbour Train Station, May 2012

I'm a sad fucker. I am. Anyone who knows me will tell you. I constantly read and obsess over certain different pieces of trivia and useless information for very little payback (although knowledge of the London Underground's escalators came in very handy at a quiz a few weeks back). That's what made our recent explore very satisfying for me.

For many years Folkestone Harbour Train Station has interested me after finding its wikipedia entry purely by accident just before I went off to university of the first time. From that point on, if conversation ever dropped with a certain someone, it became a running joke for me to revive it with 'Did you know that Folkestone has actually got three train stations?!'

Yet despite my enthusiasm, I never got close to it. I did actually walk up to the start of the station last year, but saw a security guy and turned around.

Turns out that you can just walk straight onto the station, as it's used as a right of way for anglers to get to the end of the sea wall. It was as easy as that!

Much of the line has been taken up inside the station itself, although there is still hope for a revival in the future.

This was probably my favourite shot from the whole day.

I didn't realise until we were in a tunnel in Dover that all afternoon I had been shooting ISO 800 with a messed up white balance, so if these shots seem a tad inconsistent colour-wise, it's because I had to play around with the RAWs. 

The Control Tower.

The Artsy-Fartsy Shot
 I'm not entirely sure what the statue means, but it had a funky rug under it. I wondered if it was left over from the triennial art festival thing that Folkestone tries to do?


What used to be the main entrance for the station

I can't decide out of these two which I prefer. Giacomo really liked the first one, but I think the second one works better. I think.

Taking pictures of seagulls.

That concluded our trip, and I left quite happy with myself, somewhere I'd been interested in for yonks finally visited. Got another one of those too, but that's some way off. 

Cheers for making it this far.


  1. I really love the photos hun, I knew there was a third station (I'm pretty sure you told me) but never seen it!

  2. I remember as a kid getting on a train to Folkestone Hbr and jumping on a Sealink Ferry to Boulogne, must of been 1979 or so. I still live locally and you've got some good photo's of kent here. Any plans to visit Whitstable or Herne Bay soon. PS there was a fourth station once, Folkestone Jcn :)

    1. Nothing on the cards for that area really, but I'm looking into things. There was a fifth too, if you want to play that game, Chertion Halt. Cheers