Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Devil's Kneading Trough/Poor Man's Crown, Wye - May 2012

This evening I cycled out to the Kneading Trough to try and get a few photos of sunset. Didn't go very well, the bike ride that was. Struggled up the hill (swear it's got longer and taller than the last time that I did it) and when I switched to granny gear my chain came off. Twice. 

I had a bit of trouble with the sun, arguably the focus of sunset, but these pictures are what I salvaged.

At this point I headed down to Poor Man's Crown for a change of scenery.

Not much, but at least it got me back out on the bike for longer than fifteen minutes! I am also aware that my lens/filter has a couple of blemishes on it, so apologies for that.

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