Friday, 30 September 2011


The weekend's here, although the only way I can tell is because other people are now as free as I am most of the week for two days.

As of today I am no longer officially a student. Feelsweirdman. By this date on each of the last four years I was moved out of Ashford, and away to Leicester and then Brighton. Now I'm doomed to stay here until I can find a well paying job.
I popped down to Brighton yesterday to hand back in my library books, a further piece of evidence to strip me of my student status. Now I'm going to struggle to access journals online and justify doing nothing all day. Spent just over three and a half hours on trains to spend one minute in the library to put the books on the conveyor belt.

Feels pretty weird, the idea of not being taught anything anymore (for the time being, at least). Unlike a lot of people I've thoroughly enjoyed my education, and really don't understand people who complain that school is boring or university is for geeks (the latter may be slightly out of date given the numbers heading to universities over the last decade). Maybe one day I'll go back, and do that PhD that I've pondered over, but that day will only come once I can afford the money to pay for the course. At the current (and justified, in my opinion) rate, that could be a lot of money!

Anywhoo, as I said earlier, it's Friday, Friday evening at that, so I'd best go get myself sorted out.

Catch. You. Later.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Everyone remembers their first time...

Well this is mine, blog-wise at least.

Hello The Internet!

Pleasure to meet you. My name's Jon, and now that I have all the time in the world to do nothing, it seemed like the perfect time to waste my time on a blog. 

First off, some questions.

Who am I?
I'm a post-graduate student with some spare time, who has an interest in all sorts of things, tv shows, films, music, politics, all the fun things really. I'm from Britain, and I'm 22 years old.

Why should you read this blog?
I don't know really, it's going to effectively become a diary of sorts for me I suppose. I get up to plenty of interesting things though, so don't worry about my life boring you. You'll also get some fantastic wry observations, such as 'isn't it funny, Chrome's spell-checker doesn't recognise blog!'... Nah, not my sort of thing really.

Is it true that I once went to court for c

So think of this as an introduction, my calling card to the world, perhaps. Just have to get those pesky followers, first. If I build it, they will come is what I'm going to tell myself for the time being. 

In case anyone was wondering, 'Just a mad man in a box' is a quote from Doctor Who. Seemed appropriate as this blog is going to be my thoughts written whilst I'm in my room. Not because I'm a nine-hundred year old Time Lord.

Or am I...

I'm not.

Signing off for now.